Omg! The Best Youth Baseball Bats Ever! [The Best Youth Baseball Bats]

Baseball, otherwise known as “The American Past time”, is a competitive sport. Chances are you’ve heard of baseball and you have most likely participated in a game or two. There are two key components in baseball; the ball and the bat. Today I am going to discuss the bat, focused primarily on the youth baseball bat. There are a wide variety of youth baseball bats out there. There are different fashions, styles, textures and strengths. The following are different types of the best youth baseball bats.

The DeMarini 2015 Voodoo Overlord Baseball Bat
This specific youth baseball bat is considered to be one of the best brands of baseball bats in the market right now. Children ages eight to thirteen are completely mesmerized by this bat. You will find them pressing their noses against the glass of the store window just to get a better look at this magnificent baseball bat. With other brands of bats some children have stated that when they swing the bat they suffer “vibrations” which rattle their grip on the bat ending up in several foul balls. However, with this model baseball bat, there have been no reported vibrations and it has been proven to improve the swing. A few great details about this baseball bat is that it has a 13 length to weight ratio, it has a 2 ¼ inch diameter and it is flame tempered for stiffer flex.
The Easton S500 Youth Baseball Bat
This brand of youth baseball bat is famous. Hundreds of thousands of this particular bat have been sold in the United States alone. Children in little league beg their parents for this bat at Christmas time, in fact, it is primarily sold during the Christmas season. This bat isn’t like those cheap outlet store brands. You don’t have to worry about your child swinging the bat too hard and snapping it in half. This youth baseball bat is definitely durable and has been noted to improve posture as well as having excellent grip. If you are looking for that perfect present for your child or are planning to enroll them in baseball but cannot decide on a proper youth baseball bat, then this model is definitely for you.
The Louisville Slugger YBAR152 Youth 2015 Armor Baseball Bat
The name Louisville Slugger alone speaks highly about this particular brand of youth baseball bat. This brand, developed in Louisville, Kentucky is famous worldwide. Several professional baseball players have been known to use this brand of bat. There is a high selling rate for this youth baseball bat because the children who own the bats want to be just like their heroes who own the full sized Louisville Slugger. This bat is great for inspiring your child to be like their heroes. This bat gives confidence. It allows the youth to feel like they are one of the best, one of the major leaguers and helps them to set goals to one day strive to be in the major leagues. This model is strongly recommended if you want your child to fall in love with the idea of a future career as a baseball player.
The Easton 2015 Aluminum YB15X3 XL3 Youth Baseball Bat
This bat has had mixed reviews due to it being aluminum and not made of wood. Many parents have found it concerning and perhaps dangerous that their child may get hurt or hurt someone else while using this model. This is simply not the case. This model has quite a few distinct safety features that should put parents worry to rest. One of its best features is its grip. The youth baseball bat has the diamond high-performance grip which helps prevent the bat from slipping out of its owner’s hand. This bat is also known to help improve durability and creates an expanded sweet spot. These features should be more than enough to put those fears you may have about your child getting hurt or hurting someone else to rest. No more sleepless nights worrying about your child’s safety when handling the youth baseball bat.In fact, this bat is recommended for those clumsy children out there because it will help to improve their performance when playing the game.
The Easton Mako Composite Youth Baseball Bat
This youth baseball bat is the perfect starting bat for the new youth baseball player. Like some of the previous youth baseball bats listed above this brand is created by Easton, perhaps the best youth baseball brand out there. This youth baseball bat is typically used in tee ball. The owner of this bat is typically between the ages of three and seven. This bat has excellent grip and is made of a wood so fine that it’s almost as light as plastic. This is a very good perk of the model so you don’t have to be worried about your child hurting themselves with the bat. This bat is also durable so as it won’t break in half if hitting a home run with a tee ball baseball.
In conclusion, if you were to buy any of the above youth baseball bats I can guarantee that you would not be disappointed. Anyone of these youth baseball bats would put a smile on your child’s face. These youth baseball bats are the stepping stone on what could be a successful and rewarding future career in baseball. The safety of this model of bats is enough to help you sleep undisturbed at night because you know that your son or daughter will not be hurt when they are playing with these different brands of youth baseball bats. You never know, one of these bats could be the reason your child landed a spot on the Toronto Blue Jays or whichever team you and your child love. Now is the time to take your child out to the store and pick out the youth baseball bat that suits them. You are now knowledge on the different brands and should have no problem selecting the proper bat for your child. It’s time to get out there and sign your child up for little league. Thanks to these bats you may have the next Babe Ruth on your hands.