Selenium Training Online – The Pick or Drop Session

The element coaching Online/ schoolroom mode is presently the within the list of all the software package testers. Since its origination, element has been illustrious for many of its smart options and even these days it’s no but a hot cup cake. during this tutorial, you’re secure to urge a basic understanding of element and whether or not or not you ought to select element coaching to market your career.

Selenium is for software package Testing Professionals and it’s higher understood if the learner has basic understanding of Java or the other object orienting programing language. Slight understanding of testing ideas is the feather within the cap.


Selenium is Associate in Nursing open supply moveable and automatic software package testing tool used for testing of internet applications. element will operate across totally {different|completely different} in operation systems and different browsers. it’s not one tool however a group of assorted tools that aid testers in automating the net based mostly applications expeditiously and effectively.

Here may be a transient understanding of assorted tools that create element the apple of testers’ eyes.

Selenium IDE

The Integrated Development setting of element may be a Firefox plugin that permits the testers to record all their activities as they follow the work flow that they have to check. It offers graphical computer programme that records the user’s Firefox actions. this may solely be used with Firefox browser and different browsers aren’t supported.

Selenium RC

Selenium device may be a flagship testing framework that lets testers perform straightforward browser actions and linear execution. It fully uses the strengths of programming languages like Java, C#, Python, PHP, PERL and Ruby that helps in creation of a lot of advanced tests.

Selenium WebDriver

Selenium WebDriver is that the successor of element RC. It directly sends commands to the browser so the results square measure retrieved.

Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid may be a tool that is employed to run tests parallel across totally {different|completely different} machines and different browsers. This leads to reduction of execution time greatly.

Advantages of element

Selenium is Associate in Nursing open supply tool
It is extended for many completely different technologies that expose DOM
It has the power to execute scripts across completely different browsers
It can also execute scripts on completely different in operation systems
It supports mobile devices.
It executes tests among the browser. thus no focus is required throughout script execution.
Disadvantages of element

There square measure few disadvantages of element that positively doesn’t have an effect on the recognition of element. Here we go.

Selenium supports solely internet based mostly applications
It doesn’t have the feature of recovery state of affairs
It doesn’t have IDE as a result of that the event of script becomes slow
It doesn’t have the power to regulate access among the browser
It doesn’t have check report generation
The uses needs to rely upon programing language for parameterization